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OpenDiagram created from a WSDL by using the XML IMPORT command. (WSDL diagram)
OpenFlowchart of the quicksort algorithm automatically generated from pseudocode (Quicksort Flowchart)
OpenAutomatically generated flowchart from pseudocode of the bubblesort algorithm (Bubblesort Flowchart)
Open3D MindMap about Albert Einstein automatically generated from Wikipedia articles (Albert Einstein)
OpenAutomatically generated 3D MindMap about the WikiLeaks Wikipedia article (WikiLeaks)
OpenAutomatically generated 3D MindMap from Twitter Tweets about the Brexit (Brexit)
Open3D MindMap about Osiris, Horus, Set and other egypt gods generated from Wikipedia articles (Osiris, Horus, Set)
Open3D MindMap about Ufos automatically generated from Wikipedia articles (Ufos)
Open3D MindMap about Ufos build from Twitter Hashtags (Ufos)
Open3D MindMap about the European Election build from Twitter Hashtags (European Election)
Open3D MindMap about the coronavirus automatically generated from Wikipedia articles (Coronavirus)
OpenBritish English (BE) – American English (AE) with German translation (Same meaning – different words)
Open3D Mind Map for the family tree of Queen Elizabeth II (Family tree of Queen Elizabeth II)
Open3D Mind Map showing the Nobel Price winners in physics and their profession (Winners of the Nobel Price in physics)
Open3D Mind Map of people who influenced and who were influenced by Albert Einstein (Influencers of Albert Einstein)
OpenGrouped Mind Map with items imported from WikiData regarding Agile Software Development with Scrum (Agile software development with scrum)
OpenMindMap about radioactive radiation and radioactivity (Radioactive radiation - radioactivity)